Faster. Cheaper. More accurately.

Best equipment in the country.

We will get you more paydays.

Material in and out of your shop more quickly and efficiently.

Welcome to DenCol Located in the heart of Denver, CO, just off of 1-70 and 1-25, DenCol’s 8-acre facility is geared to service your steel processing and first stage fabrication needs. Serving the mining, energy, transportation, tower, road and bridge industries, DenCol is your source for drilling, punching, shearing, oxyfuel, laser and plasma cutting with the best plate processing equipment in the country.

If your project involves structural plate, sheet, expanded metal, bar shapes, hollow structural and mechanical tubing, angle, channel, or beams, DenCol has the inventory for you. Our plate processing capabilities include made-to-order base plates, truss plates, connection plates, embeds, splice plates, cone segments, or any other structural components. Our CAD/CAM automated processing machines drill, punch, burn, and shear angle and plate components. Let DenCol move material through your facility more quickly and efficiently, giving you a faster turn around and more paydays. Whether you are a fabricator, job shop, or OEM, our state-of-the-art equipment will get the job done faster, cheaper, and more accurately.

DenCol Ornamental is the local stocking source for all of your ornamental needs. Come in and check out our stocked inventory or request a catalog for special order merchandise.